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A Trip to Sterling Flea Market


Wow it's been a long time since I wrote a blog. I guess in trying to learn everything else to promote K's Kottage I kind of forgot about it. I would like to try and incorporate blog posts more in my venture.

I am in full swing for Vendor Sales now I did a sale in Inverary and it pretty well wiped out my puppet stock. (Doing a happy dance). I have been working hard to restock my little friends I even had to have my wonderful Mother in law come out to help me as I had a sale right after and had nothing much to sell. I was going to book more sales but think I better stick to what I have for now and work hard over the winter to be able to do more outside sales next year

I now have a youtube channel it is very amateur, but I am having fun learning and trying my best at video taping little vlogs. I just posted a new video of our trip to Stirling Flea Market.

We were there just near the end of the weekend, but I did manage to get some treasures as everyone was willing to bargain rather then pack it up. I got a couple treasures for myself and a few new ones for the store now posted on fb marketplace and on here.

My treasures were two little tables for outside on the deck. $10 each, a bargain.

Dan was very impressed with my bargaining skills. I left him and Stewart behind because I wanted to get some treasures before everyone packed up. I was able to overload my little wagon very well. We then booked in for next years sale and will be vendors in 2023 so exciting!

I would just like to take this opportunity now to thank all my family, Dan's family and all my friends new and old for supporting me in my new ventures in trying to get K's Kottage etablished. It so very much appreciated.

I love you all!

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