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Ending this year peacefully and starting the new with a bang

Merry Christmas Everyone . Wow time really does fly. I feel like I have wizzed through the past three years. Where did it go, time fly's when the world changes. Many lives have had many changes including mine. I quit my job and really started to get into making puppets and homemaking and loving every minute. It was a very busy year for my little friends and many have found lovely homes. I am excited to think of how many little guys are wrapped up under the tree this year just waiting to meet there new littles There are a few puppets left and are now posted on the puppet page. This will be the last chance to get them at $25 as I am forced to put prices up just a bit to cover my cost at least. They will be going up to $30 next year.

I also posted a new youtube video last week with some Christmas fun on there. My last busy weekend was on the 12th of December and has been nice to have a little break this past few days. Me and my mother-in-law were playing catch up all year in keeping my stock up enough to have for the next sale. She can cut out a puppet like a pro now. Thank you mama!!! Even my sister-in-law put in her time cutting out magic wand stars and making fairies. Thank You Sissy!!!!

I have been puttering in the kitchen baking up some lovely treats and they are available at Dan's work to purchase at Frank & Henry's Service Center at 195 Concession street. Far away from here lol. I have to bake though its Christmas after all. New batch going in tomorrow morning Dec 13th.

Dan and I have decided to skip the present giving this year and go on a cruise instead so we will be starting the New Year out in a warmer climate for a week. We have never cruised and Dan has organized the whole thing himself, so much work for him. I don't think I would have that much patience to organize all the details. Thank you so much baby. I am overwhelmed with all you do for us. Love you big time. I have my bags packed and am ready to go.

I am off to feed the critters. I posted a picture of one of this years eagles the best I could get and one of the tiniest little finches, I think that's what it is, you can see the difference in size beside a reg sized one its so adorable and comes every day. The feeder is right outside my studio window and I love getting distracted by the all the action out there

Merry Christmas to all of you, thank you for all your support this year and have a Happy Healthy New Year! Cheers!

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