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Fix and Repair

I everyone. I just wanted to fill you in on what happened to my website. It was saying that my space was full so I deleted all my files not realizing that it would wipe out all my pictures on here. I have fixed it up but lost a lot of content of recent puppets ect. I have just put up random pics of my creations to give you an idea of what I do and make. Misskvintage is up to date and all those items are available.

I currently have approx. 75 puppets available. with a wide variety of colors and characters. Please contact me if you would like to view them.

Dan and I have some exciting adventures coming up so subscribe to my YouTube channel for upcoming videos.

Also getting ready for my Fall Open House on Thanksgiving Weekend lots of Halloween and Christmas items will be available along with all the other items and of course some yummy treats. So mark your calendars to come out and enjoy the cottage in fall. Hope you all are having a great summer. Thanks for being a part of my small place on this planet.

Love you All!

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