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Hello and Welcome

Hiya! If you clicked on this welcome and thank you for coming on over. There is not much here yet as I am just getting started on this new website and believe me it takes time for me not my strongest forte.

This week has been a fun one:

Monday: Well this day wasn't as fun. I cleaned up after a crazy thunder storm in the night where I had to run out in my birthday suit at 1:30 a.m. trying to catch everything that was flying off the deck. I had a big clean up the next day and had to get in the kayak to go search for a pillow. This led to an nice paddle (with said pillow thrown in the back, lol) where I saw 1 giant snapper and another smaller one that popped up right in front of my paddle and scared the bejeebies out of me, I then watched a blue heron catch his breakfast before heading back.

Tues. I made a day trip to Perth, Ont. with a little side stop to a little marina town called Portland. it is super adorable. You can rent houseboats out of there. I had just finished telling Dan (my hubby) about my little side stop when my son came in and says "we were working way out in the boonies today in a little place called Portland" we both just started laughing. How crazy is that!!!!! I have posted some videos on fb already.

I then headed on to Perth. I did some picking had some chocolate, picked up a couple insane donuts and stopped into a neat little barber shop that offered Hot Shaves and Hair Tattoos. I knew my boys would find that interesting. It had a bar and the counter to cash out was the front of a mustang it was super cool. I met this little guy on the way

Wed., was a day at home creating. I made these pumpkins. I need to finish the brown ones.

Thurs.: I met up with Shawn and went for a nice little hike. Then went and did some more picking.

Today I needed to put all the stuff back on the deck and clean the house as it it had exploded into disaster with me playing all week. as I was cleaning I could hear a Bald Eagle I grabbed the binoculars but couldn't find him he then flew right pass and landed on the point. I was still in my nightie but threw on a life jacket grabbed my camera and hopped in the kayak and I captured this:

And this:

Well guys those are my adventures this week, so far the weekend is heading up to be a busy one. I'll try and get pics of all the new treasures up on MIsskvintage soon and all the other ones too. I need to change them into galleries I think so you can see more angles and all the other puppets. If you've made it this far and read all of this Thank You, Thank You Have a great weekend.


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