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Puppets and Pumpkins

Happy Fall Y'all. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. All my available puppets are now ready for viewing. Just click on the Raspberries & Rascals page in the menu. Click on each puppet to view there details. Each one now has a name and wee Bio. You can now order by name and color to make it easier

I have also posted my second You tube video "A day in my kitchen". You can hit the link above to have a visit, its a long one so grab a hot drink. It was so much fun it took a lot of man hours and still could use a few more but I was trying to get it up on the Thursday it took for ever to upload so it got posted on Friday. It is a little rough in parts but there are some real nice photos on there and you can learn to cook some of our favorites.

This is our first Feast with my step-son Craig and family. I cooked a second turkey on the Monday for my boys. Can't have enough turkey.......mmmmmm

Vegetable soup and no-knead Bread made with Thanksgiving leftovers

The cottage now has a little fall vibe happening. Your welcome to come out and do some shopping, crafting or relaxing, or all of the above. Just text or contact me, all info available on contact page. Ill bake a cake or a pie or something yummy (send your request along.)

I will put the fire on and boil the kettle. Look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on my new adventures at K's Kottage. Thanks to all of you for your support.

Mar sin Leat (farewell) Friends

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